TMJ & Facial Pain

What is meant by TMJ?

TMJ describes a temporomandibular joint. TMJ syndrome is a group of conditions regarding jaw and facial pain and obstacles in jaw motion. The temporomandibular joint connects your jaw to your skull. If you positioned your fingers immediately in front of your ears and open your mouth and treatment of TMJ, you’ll experience this joint. Facial pain feels Whilst this joint is injured or broken.

What are the reasons for TMJ Disorder?

Many things can be the reasons for TMJ or Face aches, inclusive of physical damage (like from a heavy blow or whiplash), tooth grinding or clenching, misalignment inside the tooth or jaw, arthritis, gum chewing, or bad posture within the neck, and upper back. Ladies in their childbearing years make up most people of human beings dealing with TMJ syndrome.

What are the major symptoms of TMJ?

Symptoms of TMJ syndrome consist of:

How is TMJ diagnosed by a Dentist?

There’s no general diagnostic check for TMJ syndrome. Your dentist will make an analysis primarily based on your symptoms, medical and dental records, a bodily exam, and if necessary, imaging exams like x-rays and CT scans and will start your TMJ treatment.

What’s the treatment for TMJ?

Your dentist will probably propose conservative, noninvasive techniques for your Tmj disorder treatment, which can be reversible and do not make any permanent changes in your jaw or enamel.

These can include:

For extra severe or chronic TMJ, your dentist may additionally prescribe:

In case your TMJ nevertheless does no longer improve after trying those fundamental remedies, your dentist may recommend different options, consisting of:

If your TMJ treatments do not help then?

If you have tried all your different treatment options and nonetheless war with aches, restricted ability to open the jaw, and different problems, Sherwani Dental Associates in Lahore, Pakistan, is the best option to solve your TMJ and Facial Pain. Our dentist or TMJ specialist treats a person who is having trouble with TMJ pain, we try to heal you with full self-assurance so that your hassle could be managed properly. the provider may additionally endorse surgical procedures. This would best be an option in case your TMJ has been because of structural troubles inside the joint itself, that’s uncommon. Surgery can’t help with TMJ syndrome with an outside motive, such as enamel grinding. If a dentist, oral surgeon, or different physician recommends surgical treatment for TMJ syndrome, it’s important to get a 2nd opinion. 

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