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At the first visit our team would get to know you, fill in your details in our system, and perform a complete oral examination. Our specialist dentist would discuss your dental problems, and discuss the best suitable plan tailored for your specific needs.
It is recommended to visit dentist after every 6 months. Some cavities are very small to begin with, and an early detection would save more money, time and effort on part of the dentist as well as you. Also there are bacteria especially in the gums around the teeth, which may go to blood stream and cause serious problems like heart attack and stroke if not removed on-time.
With the modern advancement in Dentistry, no dental treatment is painful. At Sherwani Dental Associates Root Canal Treatment is done with gentle care and modern gadgets to give you the pain-free and comfortable experience of going through the treatment.
After a painless tooth extraction at Sherwani Dental Associates the patient is advised to bite on cotton for at least one hour, followed by cold pack either by eating ice cream or chewing on ice cubes. The patients are instructed to avoid spicy and hot food for one day followed by saline gargles from the next day of extraction. After extraction the follow-up appointment is as important as the first, to make sure the healing process is going fine and any topical medicines may be applied if needed.
Losing your teeth may be painful and also affects the eating habits along with losing the self confidence in some cases. But the problem can be resolved by artificial replacement. At Sherwani Dental Associates we recommend the Dental Implants as the first choice of missing tooth-replacement. But varying on the patient’s circumstances, replacement options for bridges and / or dentures may be given.
The best suitable time to cater malocclusion of teeth is from age 8-12years. But there is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. Braces can be fixed at any age be it Metal braces, Ceramic, Lingual or Clear aligners. But the duration of treatment varies for every individual. You can book a complementary consultation with our specialist at Sherwani dental Associates to discuss your treatment details.
You are not alone to start with; at least 50% of adult people try to avoid the dental visits because of multiple reasons. It may be fear of pain or needle, lack of control or gagging, or a bad experience in the past. At Sherwani Dental Associates our teams of caring professionals know exactly how to comfort you. We make sure your visit to our facility is pleasant. We want you to enjoy a lifelong healthy smile with perfect oral health. We offer relaxation amenities to ease your anxiety and perform every treatment at your pace and comfort.
Prevention is far better than cure. The best time to visit the dentist is when you feel completely healthy. We will check your oral cavity and solve some minor things hidden from your eyes but not from the eyes of our specialists; and then you are free to enjoy a healthy life and visit us every 6month for regular checkups. For the various treatment options, we provide convenient interest-free installment plans tailored for your needs, so that you may enjoy a healthy smile without a burden on your pocket.
Gum diseases are the most common dental problem. When you don’t brush and floss regularly, the bacteria in your mouth spreads around the gums causing gum disease. The loss done onto gums is not curable, we have treatment options that can stop the journey of disease and sometimes improve the gums as well. Scaling, root planning, pocket therapy and curettage are the few to name with. Followed by the treatment of scaling, you are advised to take even better care of your oral hygiene to avoid further damage to the gums.