Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-Mouth rehabilitation is meant to revive the natural smile of the patient. At the dental clinic in Lahore, Sherwani Dental Associates; our expert Implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons are keen to assist the patient in getting a beautiful appearance and help them reach the optimal working condition or oral cavity. 

When multiple treatments are combined together to restore the original number and quality of teeth, then it is considered as Full-Mouth Rehabilitation. During this, all the teeth in the upper and lower jaw are restored, and as a result, the whole mouth is rehabilitated to actual mastication forces.

With the help of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, the natural smile of the patient is restored as well as the patient is able to eat properly. The forces of mastication are restored to the optimum and the patient is able to eat confidently once again

In this case of wobbly teeth, we initially provided an interim replacement with a fixed prosthesis. Following the osseous period, additional implants were placed, resulting in a completely new smile expected to endure for an extended period.

What is the difference between full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover?

Both treatments have significant similarities. They will provide an improvement to the health of your mouth. All dental problems will be eliminated as part of either treatment. Both may require the engagement of multi-specialty dentists. The goal of a smile makeover is to gain an aesthetically pleasing smile. However, full mouth reconstruction is a restorative procedure that is necessary for dental and overall health. In other words, full mouth restoration is needed to prevent unhealthy oral conditions from getting worse, stop chronic pain and return full function to a compromised mouth.

What are full mouth reconstruction steps?