Dental Corporate Program

Benefits to your company and employees

Sherwani Dental Associates exclusive corporate program is aimed to provide employees and their families, an affordable access to the top notch dental services and emergency dental treatments.

Benefits for Company

  • Free sign up without any obligations 
  • No cost to the company
  • 2 Free Oral Health sessions every year at the company premises. Our team would conduct an Oral health awareness seminar along with exclusive personal sessions with the dentist to discuss treatment options.
  • Free checkup, oral hygiene instructions and treatment planning by our specialists dentists.
  • No disturbance to working hours.

The Corporate Program benefits your business

  • Healthy employees leading to business productivity 
  • Employees feel rewarded for being part of company, and getting perks.
  • Adding our corporate plan benefits to your offer letter to new employees, adding attraction to the offer.
  • Inclusion of family culture by including family members in the program.
  • Actual Benefits without any cost or burden liability.

Benefits for employees

  • Free signup without any obligation
  • Free consultation and treatment planning
  • Priority appointments for emergencies and 24-hour emergency contact details for the dentist
  • Lifetime membership regardless of ongoing employment
  • 15% discount on all dental procedures
  • Same privileges available to family members including Spouse, Children, Parents and Parents-in-law.
  • Employees just need to produce proof of employment at the first appointment. The program will apply to them regardless of the future employment with the company.

How to Register?

The process for becoming a Corporate Partner is simple:
  • Contact our support via email, phone or query at our website
  • Sherwani Dental Associates representative will contact you with an agreement / MOU
  • Provide Company name, address, phone number & resource person name.
  • We send you the agreement for your approval
  • We will guide you on how we can share information among your employees.
  • Signing of agreement with our representative
  • Start the program.
  • Book single appointment with us 
  • Only 1 representative can share details of at least 6 employees in the company he represent.
  • Sign an agreement / MOU on the behalf of company
  • All the employees of company along with their families can benefit from the Dental Corporate Program.