Dental Checkups/Consultation

Why do I need a dental checkup?

A question more often asked by people is, why do I need a dental checkup? 

In our society, it is not a general practice to go to the Dentist until and unless people have some dental issues. Dental miseries are always unseen; few can be felt by patients, but more of them are hidden which causes a significant loss of teeth as time passes.

A good Dentist does not just give treatment but also spread awareness so that people may save their teeth from any damage. Consultation plays a vital role in Dental checkups, there is an obvious recommendation by the Dentist as soon as he/she examines your teeth.

Sherwani dental associates is providing dental treatment and dentist X-ray services in Lahore, here you will feel happy, content, and satisfied with their services in the following manners:

The Difference Between Dental Checkup and Dental Treatment

Here the very important concern is to understand the difference between Dental checkup and Dental treatment. A Dental checkup is a routine visit that consists of an examination and cleaning whereas Dental treatments are taken when you have dental issues with fillings, deep teeth cleanings, root canals, teeth removal, and more. Dental treatment is scheduled on a requirement, You can save your teeth by planning regular checkups and it will prevent the need for dental treatments, hopefully.


Dental X-rays are the inside images of your teeth, Dentist may require teeth x-ray as per need, it helps to diagnose and evaluate the dental problems of your oral health.

There are five types of Dental X-rays mentioned below:

Bitewing x-ray:
is used to look at one specific area of your mouth.

Periapical x-ray:

is to capture the whole tooth.

Full Mouth Survey X-ray:
consists of a series of images.

Panoramic x-ray:
shows the teeth that emerged and impacted all in a single image.

Occlusal x-ray:

helps to track the development and placement of a section or an entire arch in the lower and upper jaw.

Dental X-rays are injurious?

Because of the very small radiation input, dental x-rays are considered safe and harmless for usage among adults and children both. However, a minute amount of radiation chunk is administered per shot of x-ray imaging.

How do Dental X-rays work?

There is no pain involved while taking a digital dental x-ray at our clinic. Only a small amount of radiation is given, and an image is captured on the sensor and displayed on the screen within a second. You can search us online by Dental x-ray near me or Dentist x-ray near me in Lahore very easily. 

With the x-rays, images are captured of the inner part of teeth and adjacent bone. An X-ray can assist in finding cavities that are clinically not visible to the Dentist. Problems such as tooth infection, decay, angle of impacted tooth, cysts, and abscesses can be identified with the help of dental x-rays.

Our priority at Sherwani Dental Associates; The Best Dentist in Lahore is to perform all the procedures with accuracy and comfortable handling. This provides our patients an exclusive satisfaction and builds up a strong comfort level. Apart from all standard precautions and safety measures, we place a ‘bib’ over the patient’s chest to avoid any harm to vital organs.

Can X-rays be done regularly?

A healthy person may get an OPG or a full-mouth x-ray after 1-2 years, to keep track of any normal changes in teeth or bones. Whereas a person suffering from tooth infection might need multiple dental x-rays during Root Canal Treatment. Finding the problem, locating its core source of it, and solving/ treating it, can be done by correct oral examination and dental x-rays. Sherwani dental associates (cosmetic laser and skin clinic) offers affordable services for dental consultation and x-rays in Lahore, Pakistan.