Cosmetic Dentistry

What does cosmetic dentistry mean?

A cosmetic dentist typically refers to any dental procedure that improves the appearance (even though now not necessarily the function) of a person’s tooth, gums, and/or bite. Many dentists call themselves “cosmetic dentists” and this defines their area of expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Nowadays it has become a vast industry and people take cosmetic dentistry services not only for their pains but also to enhance the beauty of their appearance 


Sherwani Dental Associates ensure cosmetic dental surgery in Lahore, Pakistan. Treatment has the maximum usual cosmetic dentistry tactics that are secure for most sufferers. Now not each technique is appropriate for everyone. Before receiving any treatment, discuss it with our cosmetic dentist. After an intensive exam, our expert will provide you with an honest assessment of those beauty strategies that are suitable for you with a cheap cosmetic surgery offer that is affordable and consistent.

What Is the Difference Between a Cosmetic Dentist and a Dentist?

A general dentist treats basic dental issues and the needs of your mouth, while a cosmetic dentist focuses more on the beauty of the patient’s smile. Both cosmetic and general dentists have a few same techniques to deal with oral problems but they are different species to some extent.

When do you visit the Cosmetic Dentist?

There are many reasons to look for a Cosmetic Dentist, some of them are widespread and as follows;

What’s the most popular cosmetic dental procedure?

Tooth Whitening (or bleaching) is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. The ease of getting the right of entry and comparatively low cost make it a very attractive alternative for humans seeking to enhance smile aesthetics without the present process being something too invasive.

What’s the most popular cosmetic dental procedure?

Tooth Whitening (or bleaching) is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. The ease of getting the right of entry and comparatively low cost make it a very attractive alternative for humans seeking to enhance smile aesthetics without the present process being something too invasive.

What techniques does a Cosmetic Dentist do?

Cosmetic dentistry treats to enhance the appearance and aesthetics of your smile. usually, cosmetic dental methods are teeth whitening, dental bonding, and veneers.

Teeth Whitening/ Power Bleaching

One of the most famous cosmetic treatments is Teeth Whitening or ‘single-go to power Bleaching’, meant to resolve the yellowness of enamel. With the assistance of this remedy, the color of all teeth is matched as one and the affected person gets brighter teeth with a stepped-forward smile and regains self-belief. 

With each smile, the front surfaces of all of the enamel are seen, for this reason, the choice to have a perfect and healthy smile is very much possible for everyone. Sherwani Dental Associates the best health facility in Lahore gives the most enchanting teeth whitening treatment offers and deals to help you acquire first-rate service and results for your enamel in the most natural and wholesome way.

How does teeth whitening Treatment work?

During the tooth whitening treatment, the coloration of enamel is altered and brighter shades are carried out for teeth with the help of a bleaching agent. The affected person has multiple options to fulfill the venture starting from a home package, organic strategies, and in-workplace (at the dental sanatorium); but Laser teeth whitening/power Bleaching in-workplace has the maximum promising and durable results. Typically it takes forty-five minutes to at least one hour for the whole method to complete.

Does Lanbena whiten your teeth?

LANBENA Teeth Whitening Essence: It is one of the teeth whitening products in Pakistan that removes Plaque Stains that are obvious on teeth, It is an enamel Whitening agent. The enamel Whitening Essence helps to whiten your enamel absolutely and obviously. Specifically for people who have black teeth and yellow enamel as a result of smoking, tea ingesting, coffee, and wine.

Teeth whitening services at Sherwani Dental Associates

The premium service is offered as ‘Power Bleaching’. In this procedure, a protective gingival barrier is placed on the gums. After that, the teeth are cleaned and dried with air. Gel-form bleach is applied over the anterior surfaces of the teeth and Laser / UV light is blasted over the teeth. 10–15-minute sessions are done over the teeth. The total number of sessions ranges from 3-5 (depending on the manufacturer’s instructions). After the completion of these sessions, the teeth are washed and cleared of all chemicals. 

The bright whiteness of teeth lasts from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 3-5 years. The patient is also instructed about the precautions to maintain a healthy and happy smile!

At Sherwani Dental Associates, Our friendly and skilled dentists may be beside you to make certain you get the maximum high-quality and successful experience. They are fully equipped with the latest machinery and our enthusiastic group of dentists will help you get the best makeover of your smile. complete. We promise to give you this usual treatment at a minimal teeth whitening dentist cost and guarantee you reasonable teeth whitening prices in Pakistan. Power Bleaching is a very reliable and quick treatment modality to achieve eye-catching results in just a single visit!

Smile Adjustment

Using non-invasive procedures to correct the smile line, teeth are adjusted during smile adjustment to improve the natural smile of the patient. Detailed assessment for every single patient is done considering the shape/shade/condition of teeth, gums, lips, and other features of the face. 

The dentists at Sherwani Dental Associates evaluate all these factors and carve the perfect treatment plan tailor-made for your specific requirements. We work with you to achieve the beautiful smile you need by solving the deformities and problems around your teeth.

Book with our most friendly and expert dentists to discuss your concerns and they will provide you with the best treatment modality suitable for your case.

Domain Of Smile Adjustment

The foremost aim of Smile Adjustment is to assist the patient in improving the smile and aesthetics of teeth. The following areas can be improved with the help of Smile Adjustment procedures:
When the smile adjustment is done, the patient feels more confident while smiling, and also the overall health index will improve. Book an appointment with us to achieve the charming smile you deserve.

Veneers & Lumineers

Teeth that are misaligned, crooked, chipped, and discolored can be resolved with the help of the least invasive and really famous methods of Veneers and Lumineers. With this beauty method, the patient not best feels particularly motivated and assured in general life, however, additionally many dental troubles also are resolved when the affected person undergoes this treatment technique.


Veneers are done with minimum-prep or no-prep conditions and are taken into consideration as an excellent approach to getting an excellent smile all the time. Veneers are custom-made for every patient and they are made of porcelain, composite resin, or ceramic. They’re fixed at the front surfaces of the teeth and work to combine with the natural surrounding enamel; for that reason, they cowl the minor and important defects inside the enamel. 

The indications for opting for veneers as a treatment choice include gaps in teeth, different color shades of teeth, protruding teeth, or reclined teeth. Veneers are recommended only for the anterior teeth that appear prominent when a person is smiling.


Lumineers and E-max veneers require even much less guidance of teeth than traditional veneers. The manufacturing of Lumineers is a chunk distinct from veneers and they are manufactured from laminates that are lighter and thinner as compared to veneers.

Due to being translucent, the Lumineers work as a suitable façade for humans who’ve discolored teeth. Such patients get the most advantage of this remedy and improve their smile. 

Our specialists at Sherwani Dental Associates, an excellent dental medical institution in Lahore will assist you in choosing the first-class remedy choice to cater to your problem with veneer and Lumineer. As we offer the most affordable package for lumineer and veneer cost in Pakistan along with the best remedy modality, better changes could be visible in a few days by the hands of the best dentist for porcelain veneer at our disposal.


Tooth Jewelry

For enthusiastic people, there is a range of products to choose from. Be it diamonds, gold pieces, or even Grillz, there are many options available to choose from. This jewelry is fixed with special protocol and is meant to stay without any harm or damage to the rest of the oral cavity.

Hollywood Smile

Sherwani Dental Associates is pleased to provide Hollywood Smile at the best dental and cosmetic center in Lahore, Pakistan. At our laser and skin clinic, you will get the best experience of clinical treatment and get the beautiful smile that you deserve. Get an appointment to discuss your case with our specialists with an amazing deal of Dental cost price in Pakistan.

Contents Of Hollywood Smile

When the aim of treatment is to provide a complete smile makeover for the patient, then we call it a Hollywood Smile. Complete re-build of anterior teeth in the upper and lower jaw is done using the support of bridges, crowns, implants or veneers, etc. 

All the anterior teeth, normally 6 uppers and 6 lower teeth are covered with crowns, etc. so that all the teeth get a perfect alignment, shape, and appearance. Hollywood Smile is an aesthetic procedure giving a sparkling smile, but it helps in solving gaps in the teeth, discolored teeth, broken and chipped teeth, and misaligned teeth.

The treatment has been named Hollywood Smile because of the perfect smile seen on Hollywood celebrities. These celebrities have perfectly aligned teeth, without gaps, and have the perfect shade of white which sparkles on their smiling faces.

The treatment modalities being used to construct the Hollywood Smile include:

Being the best dental clinic in Lahore, Sherwani Dental Associates offers the most affordable prices to get the desired smile for Dental Bonding Services. Our friendly staff and skilled surgeons will provide the patient with detailed consultation prior to undergoing any procedure. The patient can ask questions, discuss their concerns and fears around any treatment modality, and once they are sure to get a procedure done; only then we will initiate the actual treatment process. 

Our surgeons will also thoroughly guide with after-treatment care of teeth and teach the patient about the identity markers to see if there is any damage or need for a checkup. We assist in picking the best material for veneers and crowns, which is durable and light on the pocket as well. Above all, our team has the best male and female dentists in Lahore who will make the experience at the dental clinic very comfortable and rewarding.

Bridal Package

We offer special services to the bride and groom both. The whole package includes Comprehensive Scaling and Polishing, Power Bleaching / Single-visit Teeth Whitening sessions, or complimentary whitening strips from us. We also make sure that with the complete oral checkup; no defective teeth are present and ensure a disease-free oral cavity to start the new chapter of life!