Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Full-Mouth rehabilitation is meant to revive the natural smile of the patient. At the dental clinic in Lahore, Sherwani Dental Associates; our expert Implantologists and maxillofacial surgeons are keen to assist the patient in getting the beautiful appearance and help them reach the optimal working condition or oral cavity.

Total Re-build of Mouth

When multiple treatments are combined together to restore the original number and quality of teeth, then it is considered as Full-Mouth Rehabilitation. During this, all the teeth in upper and lower jaw are restored, and as a result the whole mouth is rehabilitated to actual mastication forces.

With the help of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, the natural smile of the patient is restored as well as the patient is able to eat properly. The forces of mastication are restored to the optimum and the patient is able to eat confidently once again.

Selecting the case for Full-mouth Rehabilitation

Following are the situations when full-mouth rehabilitation is recommended:

  • Complete absence of teeth in the mouth, such patient is called as edentulous.
  • Loss of multiple teeth after a trauma, resulting in multiple broken teeth or fracture of multiple teeth.
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problem resulting in loss of sensation or motion.
  • Multiple teeth those are grossly carious and not possible to be restored.

We have a team of specialists and Implantologists at Sherwani Dental Associates, dental clinic in Lahore; that will ensure our patients reach the natural condition of teeth and get the best smile. The latest technological gadgets, qualified staff and expert surgeons are well-trained to provide Full-Mouth Rehabilitation.

Full mouth rehabilitation is the time when all the years of schooling, residency & decades of practice are put to the test. The dentist must create and deliver a proper full mouth reconstruction plan that restores full function to the mouth.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as full mouth reconstruction or restorations, is a process of restoring one’s mouth with severely compromised teeth, gums, and missing teeth. The goal of the reconstruction is to return full function to the mouth, i.e., being able to eat well. And of course, dentistry is always about giving patients a beautiful smile. A smile is what everyone notices first. Whether at Ideal Smile we deliver full rehabilitation or a smile makeover, our goal is always to finish with a beautiful smile or a “Celebrity Smile,”( if that’s what you want)!

If you have experienced any of these, please come in for an extensive complimentary initial evaluation. Dr. Shariq will help you decide if a full mouth restoration is the best course of action.

Are you a good candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

Various factors will be taken into account when evaluating your needs and the degree of restoration necessary:

  • Condition of patients teeth and gums
  • Patient’s overall health, if there are any underlying medical conditions for dental pathologies
  • Ability to accept physical and psychological changes
  • Possible allergic reactions to the materials used
  • Changes in the bite
  • Financial considerations

What kind of full mouth rehabilitation procedure is performed during treatment?

Depending on the issues we are addressing, full mouth rehabilitation can include just about any dental treatment or a combination of several dental procedures. Some of the most common procedures performed in reconstruction process include:

  • Dental implants, implant crowns, and implant bridges to restore missing teeth
  • Dental implants and implant supported dentures, all-on-4 or all-on-8 to restore edentulous mouth
  • Dental crowns, veneers to provide added strength to teeth weakened by decay or fractures
  • Ceramic onlays to restore proper occlusion and teeth bite
  • Gum grafting and bone grafting procedures to augment areas where gum or bone is deficient
  • Dental deep cleaning and osseous surgery treatments for moderate to severe gum disease

What is the difference between full mouth reconstruction and a smile makeover?

Both treatments have significant similarities. They will provide an improvement to the health of your mouth. All dental problems will be eliminated as part of either treatment. Both may require the engagement of multi-specialty dentists. The goal of a smile makeover is to gain an aesthetically pleasing smile. However, full mouth reconstruction is a restorative procedure that is necessary for dental and overall health. In other words, full mouth restoration is needed to prevent unhealthy oral conditions from getting worse, stop chronic pain and return full function to a compromised mouth.

What are full mouth reconstruction steps?

  • First and most important is proper diagnosis & treatment plan. Having modern digital radiography at dentist’s disposal becomes imperative to delivering a precise dental diagnosis. A panoramic x-ray will show if there is any infection inside the bone that may require a root canal therapy, or if the bone loss is progressive and the tooth cannot be saved. Consultation with Dr. Shariq will reveal if gums are healthy or require periodontal treatment before starting any restorative work. Untreated periodontal disease will jeopardize results of any dental work. After the health of the gums and jawbone is evaluated Dr. Shariq will create a comprehensive treatment plan to replace all missing teeth, remove all decay, restore teeth, and establish proper teeth bite.
  • The next step in full mouth reconstruction is the treatment. After our Associate dentist completes the periodontal treatment, Dr.Shariq performs all needed oral surgery procedures, extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifts and root canals. In some instances when the jawbone is not compromised immediate dental implants are placed during the extraction visit. However, if it is not the case, healing is required before implant placement. After the dental implants achieve osseointegration (when implant integrates with the bone) the patient is then treated by a restorative dentist.