• Name
    Dr. Hazik Bin Shahzad
  • Phone
  • Address
    8 b Model Town Lahore
  • Speciality
    Consultant Dental Surgeon
  • Degree
    MSc. DPH
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Dr Hazik Bin Shahzad

Consultant Dental Surgeon
dr hazik dentist

Dr. Hazik Bin Shahzad has done Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the prestigious de ’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. He also holds an MSc. DPH from UK ( MSc. Dental Public Health), and has a Fellowship of International College of Dentists USA.

After completing his graduation, Dr. Hazik moved to UK. There he pursued his Postgraduate studies along with travelling to different countries of Europe. He is an active member of many dental organizations in Pakistan, UK and USA.

Dr. Hazik not only justifies the clinical command of General & Cosmetic Dentistry, but also works professionally for the field of Community Dentistry, indulging himself in different research projects locally and globally.

Swimming, Sky-diving and flying Fokker planes are some unique hobbies of Dr. Hazik. He is also the only dentist in Pakistan holding a commercial pilot license

Professional Memberships:

  • PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council)
  • IADSR (Institute of Advanced Dental Sciences & Research)
  • PDA (Pakistan Dental Association)
  • Fellow International College of Dentists (USA)