Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We have a strict privacy policy for our clients. Your personal information is a responsibility for us. We do not share your information with any person or third party outside of Sherwani Dental Associates – The Best Dentist in Lahore, without your consent to it. In the case our business is acquired, our patients’ details, treatment histories and contact details sharing would be a part of that transaction. Other than that, except for promotional services like testimonials and social media posts (We always take verbal consent before taking images), we do not share your personal information with any third party.

Information Collected from You

We collect the following information from our clients:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Contact Details (Phone, email, etc.)

  • Address

  • Gender

  • Dental & Medical history

How Sherwani Dental Associates Use this Information ?

We use the information to contact you with your appointment setups, follow-ups, recalls. Similarly, we keep the entire data safe in our digital servers to be accessible to us and share it with you at any time needed.

Do we transfer your data to Third Parties ?

We would never share your data with a third party or entity except for your written consent to it (like you want to take up services from another clinic and you intend to shift all the history of dental work done by us to their database). On the other side, in case our business is acquired, your patient file along with treatment history would be shared as part of acquisition and business records.

How do you modify your details with us or opt-out from our services ?

You can contact us via our email or physically visit our clinic. Ask our staff to modify any details you require, or you may ask us to delete your file from our system.

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