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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are actually the third molars in every arch. They normally erupt the last in the age of 15-25 years, but they may erupt in late adolescent as well. Most of the times the wisdom teeth come out without much trouble, slight pain or swelling for a few days and then they settle in peace. But at other times, when their position is not correct, they tend to cause constant pain and undue pressure on adjacent teeth. In that case, wisdom tooth extraction is the best treatment modality.

What are the problems associated with Wisdom Tooth?

The most common condition faced is the partial eruption or total impaction of a wisdom tooth. That means there is not enough space at the margin of jaw for the wisdom to erupt properly. So it tends to remain inside the soft tissue or erupt only partially in the oral cavity. Both the cases are problematic in most cases, complete impaction may lead to undue pressure on adjacent tooth, and partial eruption may cause food impaction in the space or cavity and may lead to swelling of gums in the area known as ‘Pericronitis’.

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Is it always necessary to remove the Wisdom Teeth?

The wisdom teeth are not suggested to be removed unless they are causing some problem. Even during pain and inflammation, it has been observed that after a complete dose of antibiotics and precautionary measures, the wisdom tooth settles down peacefully in the oral cavity.

Indications of Wisdom Tooth Removal

· Constant pain behind the molars increasing with time and not subsiding.

· Inflammation, redness and swelling for longer period.

· Pain in the jaw and stiffness in neck may also be caused by the wisdom tooth.

Precautions after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Follow the post-extraction instructions very carefully. Some swelling and pain is normal for a couple of days after extraction. After initial stoppage of bleeding, hot and spicy food should be avoided. Saline gargles with little pressure are advised; and it is highly recommended to visit the dentist for follow-up visits to access the progress of healing process.

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